On October 22nd, vote Mike Waddington for Georgina Ward 1 Councillor

Why you should vote Waddington



I want to be your Georgina Ward 1 Councillor.  I’m running for this position because I truly believe that I can make a difference for the better.  For years now we’ve seen the negatives politics can bring to all levels of government.  People being elected with unrealistic promises of new facilities at the expense of crumbling infrastructure or overspending causing growing debt that will burden future generations.  I’m not that kind of candidate.  I want to be a rational voice on council who will advocate for YOU, and not just flashy projects I think will get me re-elected.  I want safe streets in our community and that will be a priority for me.  I also want expanded and improved recreational options throughout the town – but by upgrading what we already have before creating something new that isn’t necessary.  And I’ll be that person on council you trust to understand how hard you’ve worked to provide for your family and won’t just expand municipal expenses at the cost of your wallet.  

I’m in my mid-30’s and have lived in Simcoe Landing for over 10 years with my wife Liz.  We're proud to have many friends and family within the community and as your Councillor I promise to advocate relentlessly and effectively on behalf of Ward 1 residents.   I'm a hard worker who's been blessed with success in business and the ability to pursue philanthropic interests.  I've received the York Region Small Business of the year award, was an Honoree in "Portraits of Giving" which toured York Region celebrating people with a passion for giving, was recognized by the EG Chamber of commerce for Environmental leadership and was most recently named Newmarket's Employer of the year in 2017.   

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My top issues


  1.  As someone who runs a successful business I’m very much aware that spending should only happen responsibly, something all levels of government sometimes forget. Public debt is growing and we need a sensible voice in council who will not spend YOUR tax money foolishly. We need to grow our business community so that the tax burden is not solely on residents, but more importantly we need someone on council who will have real respect for how hard you worked for the money you pay in taxes.
  2. A safe streets campaign.  The increase in traffic around our schools must be managed to keep our kids safe.  I'll engage with York Region Police and local committees to help improve the safety of our ward.
  3. Improved Recreational Options.  I'll work to expand the recreational options throughout our ward.  We need improved lighting on our existing trails and parks to increase the use of public spaces we have already invested in.  I will not waste your tax dollars on new projects when improving what already exists is a rational option.



An effective Municipal Councillor must be able to advocate for their ward to all levels of government.  Taking part in numerous Chamber of Commerce committees, hosting foreign diplomats at my business and being personally invited to Parliament by former Prime Minister Harper are just some examples from my political experience that will help me succeed as your councillor.

I've also been an advocate of the business community, representing local businesses at round-tables arranged by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) and those organized by both Federal and Provincial governments.

I am the right person for this job, and promise to represent the residents of Ward 1 with a professional and pragmatic attitude.  If you agree, vote Waddington.

It's about giving back!

Sick Kids Hospital


 Moving up on the donor wall at Sick Kids was a great reminder of just how much support facilities like this require.  It truly is the greatest place you never want to need! 

Heart and Stroke Big Bike


 I'm proud to be able to support not only SickKids Hospital, but also Heart and Stroke Foundation, PKD Foundation, GetRecD charity events, and many more. 

Helping the community


I've been honoured to sponsor Georgina sports teams, food banks and other local causes. If you know of a local charity that needs help, reach out to me. 

Let me know your concerns

I hope to meet each and every one of you in person, but if you'd rather get in touch with me by email or phone I'm happy to hear from you.

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