Deborah Arsenault, Manager at Job SKills


Michael has the drive, energy and vision to serve Georgina at the council level and to make a positive difference in our township!  Very few times in life you come across a person who really goes out of his way to service community.  Michael is one of those gentlemen who is an asset for Georgina.  His passion and enthusiasm brings vibrancy in the neighborhood and in the business community.  Michael will be a great addition to the Georgina Council.

As VP, East Gwillimbury Chamber of Commerce and as a Manager at Job Skills, I watched Michael volunteer his time as keynote speaker, presenter and panelist on many occasions.  He is like a tornado of positive energy who inspires, connects and executes on innovative ideas with great results!   Michael possesses the unlikely skill set of being a keen and open listener, a methodical planner, a tireless "do"-er and a humble yet charismatic leader. He is a passionate advocate for community awareness with a heartfelt desire to elevate those around him.  Michael inspires!


Mathew Wilson: Senior VP Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

Mike Waddington has been an active participant in many meetings with me with all levels of government over the past several years. During all of these meetings Mike has conducted himself with professionalism and displayed a strong knowledge of any of the topics at hand, especially those relating to the growth of business and supporting and creating jobs in his company and others.  Whether in a meeting with the likes of a federal or provincial minister or leader, Mike has always demonstrated the ability to maintain a level head and be an important asset during the discussion. 


Karen Merk: Founder of Portraits of Giving

 We were proud to honour Mike Waddington in Portraits of Giving a few years ago as an outstanding member of our community who demonstrates social responsibility. He runs a busy and successful business, but also takes time to help his community. Mike leads with integrity, honesty and compassion and cares about those around him and issues they face. I would not hesitate to support Mike in any initiative he undertakes and know that what he does is for the right reasons. 

Laura Daly: Founder, GetRecD Charity Events


Mike Waddington, GetRecD Events would like to personally thank you for the number of years of support and dedication you have provided to our cause. GetRecD is a not for profit organization, that hosts recreational and special events to get people active, while raising funds to directly support cancer patients. To date, we have donated over $450,000 directly to cancer patients in need as well as laptops and other electronics to cancer centres throughout the GTA. 

You have personally been an integral part of this success with over 9 years of dedication. Support of volunteering your time, donating items, fundraising, engaging your employees in our cause and promoting our mission to others, is what any not for profit would strive for. Your energy, compassion, empathy and kindness is what you represent and how others see you. 

Thank you for being a part of the GetRecD family and we look forward to many more years of working together to directly support cancer patients in need.

Thanks Mike for being you!


Kevin Murdoch: Cedar Centre Board of Directors & past chair.


I have known Michael for several years and I am always impressed with his community support for a variety of different events.
I have chaired Cedar Centre (support for those who have experienced childhood trauma and sexual abuse) for several years and Michael is consistently there to support our fundraising activities either through our gala, golf tournament or keeping us in mind when he sees an opportunity to help.
I was privileged in my past role as Chair of the Newmarket Chamber to award Michael with the Portraits of Giving award. This award recognizes those who exemplify outstanding philanthropic work in their community and it was certainly very much deserved.
There are those who write cheques and there are those who roll up their sleeves and get involved-Michael does both and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and will readily pitch in where needed.
He is truly dedicated to his community and to causes that are important to him and his community. Michael will not only will get involved but will help lift the load of those trying to make a difference.
Michael's contribution to his community is what makes communities stronger and makes them a better place to live.
I wish Michael all the success in his future endeavors as I know others will benefit from his dedication to making things better for others.